One To One Performance Services for Athletes and Players

We offer two main types of one-to-one coaching services: 

  • sports performance coaching
  • performance breakthrough sessions

Sports Performance Coaching

We all know that having the right mindset in sport is essential to performing the best you possibly can. The quotes from champions Valeriy Borzov, Virginia Wade (talking about Chris Evert) and Sally Gunnell referred to here reflect this.

Our performance coaching compliments any existing traditional sports coaching you may be receiving as part of you on-going preparation for competitions. We work with you to help you overcome and any ‘mental’ aspects of competing which may be holding you back from performing at your best, for example:

  • feeling a lack of confidence
  • lapses in concentration and focus
  • difficulty in coping in pressure situations
  • lack of motivation
  • poor preparation for training and matches/competition
  • not seeing eye-to-eye with colleagues and team-mates
  • difficulty in coping with poor performance
  • negative reactions to events, such as poor referee/umpire decisions and aggressive opponents
  • feeling nervousness/anxiety
  • how to be in the ‘zone’ when it really matters

We also work with you to hone your existing mental skills, so that you are even sharper mentally.

Typically we would work with you once a month for a few sessions, although that will depend on your own particular situation and requirements. Contact Us for more details or to discuss what you would like to have more of.

Performance Breakthrough Sessions

If you are experiencing frequent challenges or repeated negative responses to situations in sport, it may be that a breakthrough session would be more appropriate for you. This is a one-day, in-depth sports performance coaching session, which will help you make a huge leap forward in your performance, and is likely to have significant positive benefits in other areas of your life such as your career.

Contact Us for more details or to discuss what you would like to have more of.