What is NLP


Essentially, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) was developed in the 1970’s by studying human excellence, the principal being that if someone is outstandingly good at what they do and you model them (eg their actions, strategies, beliefs, values), then you too can achieve excellence, or at the very least, improve your performance.

Why is it Important and Valuable to Know What is NLP?

NLP has applications in all areas of life, especially business, education, coaching, communication, sporting performance and health. If we consider just business and sports performance, NLP can be used to make significant (often unprecedented) improvements in performance in the following aspects of business:

· Selling
· Recruiting
· Motivating people
· Aligning corporate goals and strategy
· Setting AND achieving goals
· Negotiations
· Presentations
· Team-building and performance
· Corporate communications, advertising and marketing
· Conflict resolution
· Coaching
· Inter-personal relationships
· Changing problems into opportunities
· Executive and senior management well-being (ie stress reduction)

And in a sporting context, helping athletes and players and their coaches to:

· Conquer nerves and improve confidence
· Mentally rehearse success
· Eliminate negativity
· Maintain their focus
· Enhance healing after injury
· Improve teamwork
· Motivate even more effectively
· Remove un-useful habits and install useful ones
· Return to form quickly after a ‘bad patch’.

So, it’s quite useful!

What Is NLP?

NLP was developed in the mid-1970s from ‘modeling’ how people who were excellent communicators got such great results. (Indeed, NLP has been described as ‘The most advanced communication skills on the planet, skills you never knew you needed’).

Through modeling excellence, the original founders and many subsequent students have developed a series of techniques to improve dramatically human performance in all sorts of areas. These techniques are easy to learn, easy to use, and are applicable in many aspects of business and life.

NLP has been described as ‘how to use the language of your mind to program yourself for success’.

What If I Learn NLP?

By learning NLP, you will gain a competitive and/or sporting advantage. But don’t just take my word for it; YOU can judge for yourself when you find out about NLP.

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