Quotes from Champions

Here are three quotes from sport champions which illustrate that having the right mindset in sport is essential to performing the best you possibly can.
• ‘For success, first performers must have talent, then they must work and third they must have control of their mind’.

Valeriy Borzov, Olympic 100m & 200m champion, 1972.

‘I think there are so many would-be clones, so many people who have tried to imitate her game. But they’ve imitated the most obvious thing about her, and that’s her (baseline) game. And I don’t think that’s her strongest point, I think her mind is her strongest point.’

Virginia Wade, Wimbledon Singles Champion 1977, speaking about Chris Evert, winner of at least one ‘Grand Slam’ tennis tournament for 13 consecutive years.

‘The mental side of it played the biggest part; that was the difference between silver and gold.’’…for any athlete who stands on the starting line, as much as 70% of the race outcome is shaped by the mental aspects.’

Sally Gunnell OBE, Olympic 400m hurdles Champion 1992.