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Improve Sports Performance

On this website you will be able to obtain numerous resources that will be useful to improve sports performance. Here are the ones that we think would be particularly useful products for coaches:

Free Articles

  • Goal Setting in Sport
  • Staying Motivated when Training
  • Five Key Beliefs of Sporting Champions
  • How to Remove Negative Self-talk

NLP Sport E-books

  • Winning Goals – A Coaches Guide
  • Being In The Zone for Coaches
  • Dealing With Setbacks in Sport
  • Changing Negative Beliefs
  • Visualisation and Mental Rehearsal for Coaches
  • The Winning Mindset in Sport
  • Insights into Communication in Sport
  • Advanced Motivational Tips for Coaches
  • Advanced Communication Skills for Coaches

NLP Books

  • Ahead of the Game: How to Use Your Mind to Win in Sport. This book is frequently in Amazon UK’s top 10 sports psychology books.
  • Successful NLP: For the results you want. This book is frequently in Amazon UK’s top 10 NLP books, and has been number 1 several times.
  • NLP Pocket Handbook.  A pocket sized guide to NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner material.

NLP Audio and Video Material

  • Understanding, Predicting and Influencing Behaviour. This 4-CD series plus fully-referenced manual is an invaluable aid for coaches to help them get the best from each of their players/athletes.
  • Keep an eye out for the audio and video material that we will be developing shortly.

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