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Improve sports performance - find out How to Remove Negative Self TalkHow_To_Remove_Negative_Self-Talk.pdf Almost all sports performers will have an internal critical voice, which sometimes hinders their performance. This two-page article will give you some tips on how to quieten the negative inner voice. 575 KB
Five Key Beliefs of Sporting Champions to help improve sports performanceFive_Key_Beliefs_of_Sporting_Champions Pundits talk about ‘self-belief’ being essential to sporting excellence. This three-page article will give you the five key beliefs of sporting excellence, which, if you fully adopt them, will improve your sporting results. 597 KB
Improve Sports Performance by Staying Motivated When TrainingStaying_Motivated_When_Training.pdf  Three tips on how you can keep motivated even when the going gets really tough. 544.33 KB
Improve sports performance by Goal Setting in SportGoal_Setting_in_Sport.pdf How to achieve ‘a well-formed outcome’ – this article will discuss the application and relevance of goal-setting in the field of sport, regardless of which level and which sport you play. 558.68 KB