About Us

The Lazarus Consultancy

The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd is a niche consultancy and NLP training company, based in London, England. We specialise in the use of leading-edge, proven communication and behaviour change skills to sports coaches, athletes and players of all sports, of all levels.
Jeremy Lazarus, the founder of the company, is a Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the highest formal level of certification in the NLP field. He has been using NLP since 1999 to help his clients achieve better results, faster.

Jeremy Lazarus is the author of three best-selling books:

  1. Amazon UK’s Number 1 best-selling sports psychology book ‘Ahead of the Game – How to Use Your Mind to Win in Sport’,
  2. Amazon UK’s Number 1 best-selling NLP book ‘Successful NLP
  3. Amazon’s top selling NLP book ‘The Little NLP Workbook’.

Jeremy Lazarus is also a guest lecturer in Sports Psychology at Middlesex University.

Some of our NLP training courses are academically-recognised by a UK University.
You can find out more about The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd by visiting our parent company website: www.thelazarus.com.

How We Do It

We provide the following services and products, based on proven NLP skills:

  • communication skills training for coaches
  • one-to-one performance coaching services for both sports coaches and players/athletes
  • books, e-books, articles, CDs/MP3 and video material that help coaches and players or athletes get better results, faster, by focussing on the mental aspects of sport.

Remember, the mind is more powerful than the body. Having a powerful mind is a trainable skill.

What We Stand For

  • excellence in performance
  • integrity in all our dealings with everyone
  • fun and enjoyment in participation
  • continual learning and development

You can count on us for this.